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US 10-In-1 Ration Cartons

US 10-In-1 Ration Cartons

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These are detailed depictions of WWII 10-in-1 ration cartons. The 10-in-1 Ration was supplied to U.S. troops from 1943 to 1945. One sleeved carton contained four individual boxes, each contained a day’s rations for ten soldiers and included canned food, biscuits, cereal and more.
This accessory is perfect for creating diorama and enhanced scenes for your U.S. WWII model kits.

  • Sheet dimensions: 200mm x 195mm.
  • Contains cut-out illustrations for sleeve, carton and inner box components.
  • One sheet can be used to make eight sets, and you can choose to depict the carton sealed up or even removed from the sleeve and open to reveal the inner boxes.
  • The sheet features a basic explanation of the 10-in-1 ration.
  • Great accessory to add further detail to WWII-era U.S. subjects