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M730A1 Chaparral 1/35

M730A1 Chaparral 1/35

SKU: AFV35002

Air Defense Missile System, the complete system was known as the M48 Chaparral Intercept-Aerial Guided Missile System, composed of the M54 Launching Station atop the M730 carrier, a M113 variant. M730A1 had M113A2 improvements, while M730A2 was upgraded to M113A3 standard complete with diesel engine.


The launcher was capable of a full 360 degrees traverse and +90/-9 degrees of elevation. Four missiles were carried on the launch rails, with eight extras stored below the launcher with their fins and wings removed. The gunner sat between the missile pairs on the mount, aiming using a simple reflex sight. An auxiliary power unit provides the necessary power to run the mount, and a cryonic air cooler provides the missile seekers with the necessary cooling.