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00 JGA Bogie Hopper Mk4 'RMC' Orange  Weathered

00 JGA Bogie Hopper Mk4 'RMC' Orange Weathered

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Built in Slovakia (1997) by Tatrastroj Poprad, these featured straight-sided hoppers with more angled-in tops and bottoms than the RFS batch. The side profile was changed so that the main body ran from the bufferbeams to the end of the hopper, then vertically to the top. This resulted in large sloping hopper ends (with doors to access the brake gear), onto which were mounted inspection ladders and platforms. The solebars were of channel construction and the bogies were of the fabricated Y25 type. This type of wagon was also built for Tilcon and Buxton Lime Industries, and a model has been produced by Bachmann.